A selection of comments recently received from schools, community organisations, Volunteers and children.

A selection of comments received from our schools

‘G’s confidence in her own ability has improved massively thanks to her Volunteers help.’ Carnarvon Primary

‘A’s reading has improved a lot and he enjoys reading now.’ Glapton Academy

‘It has been a great opportunity to give more time to S and help him gain confidence.’ Welbeck Primary

‘L enjoys the sessions and benefits from as much reading as possible. The 1:1 has been very helpful.’ Archbishop Cranmer School

‘K looks forward to this extra support and has grown in confidence in his reading.’ Lady Bay Primary

‘M gets very excited when he sees J. He enjoys the 1:1 time.’ Sycamore Academy

‘E comes back from the session happy and enthusiastic about her reading.’ Dovecote Academy

‘M has really grown in her reading confidence and desire to read. Much more willing to read and enjoys her reading sessions better.’ St Augustine’s RC Primary

‘S has been a huge help! C loves working with her and now has a new found passion for reading!’ Laurence View Primary

‘S has made great progress with her speaking skills and grown in confidence.’ Mellers Primary

‘R always tries hard and enjoys her session time with her Volunteer. Her concentration/focus has also improved.’ – Chetwynd Primary

‘R says she likes reading more after working with M. She says she prefers working with her and reading with her than with anyone else!’ Sunnyside Spencer Academy

‘O has benefited from 1:1 – he can struggle in larger groups.’ Chaucer Infants

‘A speaks so fondly of his Volunteer and loves working with him.’ Horsendale Primary

‘A enjoys reading the new books his helper brings in.’ Risley Primary

‘We have seen a huge amount of progress with V’s reading and comprehension skills.’ Lawrence View Primary

‘P’s understanding of English both for writing and reading has greatly improved. He has become more focused in lessons to get better, which is paying off has he is now likely to be expected within English levels by the end of his year.’ St John’s C of E Primary

‘Since being involved in the programme L has volunteered to read from the board and taken a more active part in Guided Reading.’ Heathlands Primary

‘E has grown in confidence with her reading this year and made good progress.’ St Andrews C of E Primary

‘M has grown in confidence.’ Gateford Park Primary

‘R would like to continue next year. He likes everything he does with the Volunteer.’ Broomhill Junior

‘F’s reading had improved, especially in terms of fluency as he now reads much more to punctuation. This is in turn has helped with his comprehension skills.’ Heathlands Primary

‘J had really benefited with some extra reading.’ King Edwin Primary

‘N’s confidence in reading and has improved dramatically. We now have lengthy discussions about what he has read.’ – Winthorpe Primary

‘T is trying hard with his reading, so M’s extra support has been great.’ Blidworth Oaks Primary

‘K has really enjoyed the sessions. It is nice to hear him chat to J as he can be very shy and withdrawn.’ Christchurch C of E Infants School

Volunteers Comments

Some Volunteers told us about the extra help they give to their schools by attending extra sessions to help with games and writing tasks. One Volunteer said “I enjoyed this Volunteer work so much that I did a couple of courses and now work 2 mornings a week 1-1 with 2 SEN children.”

“Although I’m not currently doing any other volunteering, this has made me think about doing more. It really does make me feel like I’ve something valuable to contribute to the local community.  Kids are great and it’s very fulfilling to feel like you are helping them!”

“I love doing this work.”

“The staff have always made me feel very welcome and that my input has been worthwhile.”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to work alongside pupils and adults in school.”

“I love my mornings in school and it’s wonderful to see how much the children seem to get out of our sessions.”

“I work closely with the teachers and feel appreciated.”

“I enjoy it as much as I feel the children do – very positive.”

“Because I’ve done this, I’ve made new friends and acquaintances.”

“I love the clarity of role and being able to spend quality time with children desperate for attention and direct support.”


Children’s Comments

 What do you enjoy doing most with your helper?

Talking about stories and games and reading. – Lucy

She’s nice and kind. – Kassie

Reading funny books. – Alanna

Playing games and winning. – Jaelen

I enjoy reading and talking about the stories. – Sienna

It’s very fun – she reads with me. – George

Reading because it gets my imagination running very much. – Grace

Like reading more books, some games, stickers! – Abdul

Talking about books and stories. Learning new words. – Logan

I enjoyed discussing any words and things I didn’t know and we worked them out together. – Adam

Playing games – all of them. – Paige

I enjoy working on different games. Thank you. – Cory

She really helps me to feel better at reading. – Breige

Her helping me to use expression and reading my book because we both like it and want to find out what happened. – Summer

She is really funny. – Judah

I like talking better than reading! – Lewis

Games with reading and writing. – Laycee

Playing Scrabble and doing crosswords. – Anyika

When she helps me when I get stuck. – Rhys

I love learning with her. – Korben

I enjoy reading different types of books. Then playing Swap. – Roxanne

I enjoyed discussing what I read and talked about any facts. – Taylor

Everything! – Samuel


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