1-1 LITERACY VOLUNTEER help children to enjoy reading and communicating.

Aim of Role

Our Literacy Volunteers help children in schools and early years settings. They do not teach reading. Instead they help children on a one-to-one basis to give them confidence in their reading and communication skills through conversation, reading, writing and playing games.

Volunteers must:

  • Like children
  • Enjoy reading and communicating
  • Be patient, flexible and reliable


  • Go to the same setting regularly for one morning or afternoon session each week
  • Help children on an individual basis
  • Help the same children each week (on average you see 4 children in a session)
  • Work outside of the classroom
  • Talk, read, play games/do puzzles and write with their children
  • Enjoy their time with the children and make sure that the children enjoy the sessions too
  • Make a real difference to a child
  • Promote a love of reading and books

Volunteers are provided with:

  • Training
  • On-going support from an Area Co-ordinator
  • Books, games and other resources to use with their children
  • Travelling expenses
  • INTERESTED? Contact us for more details and to enquire about training on 0115 876 5474 or contact@literacyvolunteers.org.uk

“I enjoy books now more since I started reading with Mrs B.” (Comments from the LV children in school)


Aim of the role:

Story Sharers will make a key contribution to local children’s literacy, communication and comprehension skills. You will read to and with children to enthuse and raise the amount of time they spend ‘reading for pleasure’. We know that children who enjoy reading for pleasure are four time more likely to read at the expected level for their age than children who do not enjoy reading.

You will act as a positive ambassador for reading, encouraging children to see books as offering them valuable and enjoyable experiences. You will increase children’s confidence and self-esteem.

We’re not looking for professional storytellers – just people who are enthusiastic about, stories, books and reading and poetry.

How it works

Literacy Volunteers will give you full training and regular support once you are matched with a setting. You will be provided with either story sack or story bag of resources to use (depending on the age of the children you are reading with and to).

Where? Early years / preschool settings, school breakfast clubs, during school lunchtimes and at after school provision. We can tailor the setting to suit you.

Who with? From early years (up to age 5), up to Year 6 (age 10/11).

When? This opportunity has been developed for volunteers who can only attend settings for a minimum of one hour a week for as little as one term.

We need you to:

  • Like children
  • Enjoy reading and communicating
  • Be patient, flexible and reliable
  • Use a range of resources in an inspiring, fun and considered way
  • Be flexible and independent in a modern educational setting
  • Commit to safeguarding the welfare of the children

You will:

  • Be valued as part of a team making a real difference to young children’s future prospects
  • Develop and use your skills over a period of time
  • Receive induction and safeguarding training
  • Have on-going support from an Area Co-ordinator
  • Be provided with resources
  • Receive travel expenses

If you are interested please contact Lorna Jaggard lorna.jaggard@literacyvolunteers.org.uk / 07962 248930.


Links for current Volunteers for free printable puzzle sheets


Useful website for Literacy Volunteers – National Literacy Trust www.literacytrust.org.uk

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