A selection of comments recently received from schools, community organisations, Volunteers and children.

A selection of comments received from our schools

“Our Volunteers have provided us with excellent support this year.” – Beardall Fields Primary

“All our Volunteers are excellent, dedicated and approachable and the children love working with them. Many thanks.” – Broomhill Junior

“Children have taken a great likeness to being part of small sessions for reading 1 to 1. The pupils who often do not read at home due to lack of support made outstanding progress.” – Sparken Hill Academy

“Our Volunteer has been very reliable and has over the year built up a good rapport with the children he has worked with.” – Bulwell St Mary’s Primary

“Our Volunteer has been absolutely wonderful – working with a smile on her face and real concern and interest for the children. The children thoroughly enjoy working with her and have been much more interested in reading.” – Dunkirk Primary

“Thank you for all your support with the extra reading, it has been lovely to see the children’s confidence grow and they have made progress.” – Lynncroft Primary

“The dedication of our Volunteers is amazing. They absolutely go the extra mile.” – Bentinck Primary

“We have always really appreciated the work of Literacy Volunteers.” – Firbeck Academy

“Our Volunteer has been fabulous and the children have loved working with her. She has helped the children to love learning.” – Portland Spencer Academy

“We have very much valued the input given by our Literacy Volunteers.” – Trowell Primary

“Both our Volunteers have become part of the school community and as always we are appreciative of their commitment and professionalism.” – St John’s Primary (Stapleford)

“The Literacy Volunteers are an extremely valued source of support. We can’t speak highly enough of each of them.” – Mellers Primary

“Our Volunteer is very committed to our school. The children in our class ask when it is their turn.” – Chetwynd Primary

“The dedication and determination to engage the children is impressive. In our substantial history with Literacy Volunteers, all our Volunteers have gone out of their way to find out the children’s interests, the topics being covered in school and locate materials and information that interest and motivate the children.” – Rosslyn Park Primary

“All teachers commented to me that both Volunteers have made a big difference to the pupils they work with.” – Eskdale Juniors

“The 3 Volunteers are dedicated and committed. We value them as part of the school team and the pupils respond very well to that 1:1 time with them.  A brilliant service.” – St Augustine’s Primary

“Our Volunteer makes great efforts to know the children she supports and is very good at conversing with them. Teachers have been very impressed by her questioning.” – West Bridgford Juniors

“She is professional, organised and approachable. This has had a positive impact on attainment.” – Heathlands Primary

“Children clearly enjoy the sessions and return with a smile.” – Gateford Park Primary


Volunteers Comments

Some Volunteers told us about the extra help they give to their schools by attending extra sessions to help with games and writing tasks. One Volunteer said “I enjoyed this Volunteer work so much that I did a couple of courses and now work 2 mornings a week 1-1 with 2 SEN children.”

“Although I’m not currently doing any other volunteering, this has made me think about doing more. It really does make me feel like I’ve something valuable to contribute to the local community.  Kids are great and it’s very fulfilling to feel like you are helping them!”

“I love doing this work.”

“The staff have always made me feel very welcome and that my input has been worthwhile.”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to work alongside pupils and adults in school.”

“I love my mornings in school and it’s wonderful to see how much the children seem to get out of our sessions.”

“I work closely with the teachers and feel appreciated.”

“I enjoy it as much as I feel the children do – very positive.”

“Because I’ve done this, I’ve made new friends and acquaintances.”

“I love the clarity of role and being able to spend quality time with children desperate for attention and direct support.”


Children’s Comments

 What do you enjoy doing most with your helper?

Talking about stories and games and reading. – Lucy

She’s nice and kind. – Kassie

Reading funny books. – Alanna

Playing games and winning. – Jaelen

I enjoy reading and talking about the stories. – Sienna

It’s very fun – she reads with me. – George

Reading because it gets my imagination running very much. – Grace

Like reading more books, some games, stickers! – Abdul

Talking about books and stories. Learning new words. – Logan

I enjoyed discussing any words and things I didn’t know and we worked them out together. – Adam

Playing games – all of them. – Paige

I enjoy working on different games. Thank you. – Cory

She really helps me to feel better at reading. – Breige

Her helping me to use expression and reading my book because we both like it and want to find out what happened. – Summer

She is really funny. – Judah

I like talking better than reading! – Lewis

Games with reading and writing. – Laycee

Playing Scrabble and doing crosswords. – Anyika

When she helps me when I get stuck. – Rhys

I love learning with her. – Korben

I enjoy reading different types of books. Then playing Swap. – Roxanne

I enjoyed discussing what I read and talked about any facts. – Taylor

Everything! – Samuel


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