A selection of comments recently received from schools, community organisations, Volunteers and children.

A selection of comments received from our schools

“Our Volunteer has been particularly skilled this year at spotting the needs of the children and planning things that they will like, but also with moving them on.” Additional Needs Teacher – Round Hill Primary School

“The Volunteer has built a great rapport with both the children he has been working with and the office staff. The children have enjoyed working with him.” Reading Co-ordinator – Bulwell St Mary’s Primary School

“The children have gained confidence during their sessions with the Volunteer. I have also seen an improvement in reading comprehension.” Teacher – Dunkirk Infant School

“One child is normally quite a reluctant reader but is always really excited to read 1-1 with the Volunteer.” Teacher – Glapton Academy

“Our Volunteer has been really committed to supporting these children. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the time with her and it has benefitted them. She was willing to listen to advice on how to support the children with SATs questions and took the time to understand the new raised expectations.” Y6 Class Teacher – Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy

“The children always enjoy reading with the Volunteer as he picks subjects they are interested in.” Teacher – Fernwood Junior School

“Our Literacy Volunteer is committed to supporting our school and always accommodates our changing timetable. She obviously enjoys her role and constantly liaises with me about any concerns.” Teaching Assistant – Chetwynd Primary Academy

“Several children do not read at home, so the Volunteer provides an opportunity for them to read. She has contributed towards one child’s English language development.” Teacher – Southwold Primary School

“All the children so look forward to spending time with the Literacy Volunteers and are very disappointed if they aren’t chosen to work with them. The Literacy Volunteers are always reliable and flexible and we know they are enjoying the sessions because we see them having fun with the children.” Senior TA – St Peter’s Academy, East Bridgford

“Our Volunteer has been really flexible and has fitted in well with school life. She has met the needs of the children well, working not only on reading fluency and comprehension but also on developing relationships with children and developing a love of reading. 1-1 time with a child is invaluable.” Assistant Head – Trent Vale Infant School

“One of the children says she is happier to be at school than she used to be. Staff have noticed that she is more positive and smiley recently. Although one child says he doesn’t like coming to school, his attendance has improved and his demeanour has become happier and more confident.” Teacher – St Augustine’s Primary School

“Both Literacy Volunteers are committed and enthusiastic when working with the pupils. All of the pupils have developed their confidence and reading and most importantly enjoy attending the sessions. Many thanks to both Volunteers for their hard work.” Teacher, Arno Vale Junior School

“The Volunteer worked with one child to help him prepare a 10 minute talk presentation which is to be shown to a large audience. Her input and support was paramount to this student’s success. He thoroughly enjoys working with her and looks forward to the sessions each week.” Year 5 Teacher – Archbishop Cranmer Academy

“As a result of the reading activities, one child’s word recognition and vocabulary understanding have improved. She is able to use this increased understanding to deepen her comprehension of texts.” Teacher – Ambleside Primary School


Volunteers Comments

Some Volunteers told us about the extra help they give to their schools by attending extra sessions to help with games and writing tasks. One Volunteer said “I enjoyed this Volunteer work so much that I did a couple of courses and now work 2 mornings a week 1-1 with 2 SEN children.”

“For anyone suffering from low self-esteem, I can highly recommend becoming a Literacy Volunteer.”

“I have got a huge amount out of volunteering since September – love my time with the children and seeing their confidence increase. One of the nicest compliments I’ve ever had came from a T.A. who said she’d never seen one of the pupils so chatty, happy and animated as when she was with me. We have a lot of fun along the way, and seeing the children’s faces light up when it’s time for our sessions is hugely rewarding.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a Literacy Volunteer and 2 friends have now become Volunteers.” “I only started with LV in February 2016 so I am getting used to the role and thoroughly enjoying helping. The support and reassurance from my Area

2Co-ordinator and other Volunteers is essential and very good.”

“Not only have I seen an improvement in the children’s confidence but mine has improved too.”

“Congratulations for a very successful AGM this year.”

“It’s only been a short time but I am really enjoying it.” “I really enjoy being a Literacy Volunteer and find it very rewarding to see how the children I work with develop over the year.”


Children’s Comments

 What do you enjoy doing most with your helper?

She has helped me to find ways to get better at reading because sometimes I struggle. I love all the things we do – it’s fun. – Phoebe

She helps me so much and is always there to help. Also she is so nice. – India

I think she is amazing! – Paige

She is lovely to read to and makes me laugh. – Aliyah

Playing games like Brain Box, Popcorn, Bingo, Puzzles, allsorts! – Reuben

I get to know if I am doing well and discussing the book. – Elsa

I like playing games because they are fun and they help me to be a better reader. – Elle

I was a little bit shy when I started but now I am not. – Kaiden

She helps me a lot with tricky words and she is fun. – Larren

Writing because it helps me to write neater. – Abbie

Reading because it’s improving my spellings. – Meadow

She makes reading fun and listens very carefully to me and helps me when I am stuck. – JJ

I like reading and playing games. I enjoyed my time with my helper. – Omar

Playing games and doing poems. – Olivia

I like it when we talk about the books we read. I like having a chat. – Elizabeth

She helps me know what the words mean that I don’t understand. – Joseph

Pushes me to make sure I get my words right. I like it when she brings me books in. – Lily

Learning the alphabet. – Nia

I like it when we have a laugh and do some work together. – Owen

I like her books because they are what I like – they are all about wildlife. – Aaron

Everything! – Lewis


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